short term car insurance

Short Term Car Insurance

Short term (temporary) car insurance, once a very difficult and expensive policy to buy is now a well established and popular product, which is extremely flexible and which can be bought online within a matter of minutes, making it ideal for either emergency use or for borrowing, or lending, a car. You can insure a vehicle whether you own it or not, provided of course you have the consent of the owner, or someone else can arrange a policy to drive a car that you own. There are two basic types of policy available; one provides cover for any period between a single day and four weeks, and the other runs on a rolling month to month basis from one month up to 8 months maximum. With this type of policy you do not have to choose how long to keep it for at the outset, but you are given the opportunity to cancel it each month without penalties.

The first option gives you the opportunity to buy cover for a fixed period between one and 28 days, and this can be bought very quickly online provided that you are over 18, have a reasonable car and a reasonable driving record, and have a UK, EU, Australian or New Zealand driving licence. The second option, the rolling, month-to-month policy is practically identical to the normal 12 month policy that we are all used to, but the vital difference is that the contracted period is from one month to another, rather than one year to another. This means that you can buy cover from as little as a single month, but it is then up to you whether you allow the policy to be renewed at the end of each month or whether to cancel it, giving at least two weeks notice that you wish to do so. This type of policy is available to drivers from 17 upwards, subject to the usual terms and conditions, and it provides an answer for those who need cover on a car for a while, but may not know how long that cover will be needed for.

In both cases fully comprehensive or third party only cover is available, as well as European cover within the EEC, and breakdown cover. The policies can be purchased online and can either come into effect immediately, or at a time and date within the near future. This means that you can arrange insurance for a vehicle, whether you own it or not, for either yourself to drive or another person, within a matter of moments.

If you opt for the 1 to 28 day cover you are given an e-mailed link from which you can download all your policy documents, so that if you wish to do so you can print them out on the spot. This will provide you of evidence of cover should you need to produce it. With the rolling, month-to-month policy the policy documents are posted out to you in the usual way.

In both cases the MID (Motor Insurers Database) is usually updated by the end of the following working day, although this can often occur more quickly. These short term car insurance policies can therefore be used for taxing the vehicle once the DVLA have received notification.

A 1 to 28 days temporary policy cannot be used for recovering a car which has been impounded by the police, but a month by month policy can be used for this purpose provided that the policyholder is the owner of the vehicle in question.

Short term car insurance is available, therefore, for anywhere between one single day and eight months for the majority of UK motorists.


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